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Scarface 1983 Notes

Scarface PosterMy research notes on Scarface 1983..

My discussion on the 1983 film Scarface directed by Brian De Palma. The scene I intend to focus on is the final scene of the film which lasts for about ten minutes. I aim to talk about the following film structure, mise-en-scene, camera movement, sound and narrative function. A little summary and backdrop of some of the issues surrounding the film are also essential for critical analysis.

Brian De Palma’s films share the same techniques, but there are many differences. The director seems to have a passion of gangster film producing “Scarface.” (Scarface). The film conclude with main mafia gangster paying for his crimes, but in very different ways. The suspense music and film techniques used in De Palma’s film is very noticeable. One of Brian De Palma’s strongest points in his film making techniques is his ability to create as much suspense as he can.

There are some issues of the American Dream and the Cuban crime wave to consider and how they intersperse together in the film and what influence they had caused within the visual culture.


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